Alex is a multidisciplinary designer based in the United Kingdom. My practice mainly revolves around art direction, typography, and editorial design, as well as the conception and implementation of creative visual identities and systems. I am open to freelance work and collaborations. For more information feel free to contact me via email. (Currently seeking any and all Internship opportunities)

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(Sep 2020 — Jun 2023)
Leeds Arts University
BA Graphic Design
1st Class Honours

(Sep 2019 — Jun 2020)
Nottingham College
Founation Degree


(Aug 2023 — Present)
Serchia Gallery
Designer in Residence

(Jan 2022 — Jul 2023)
Nest Magazine
Editorial Officer

Serchia Gallery

Collecting Memory
Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Everything not saved will be lost encompasses the design and art direction for Ryan Moyiis’ photography, with a focus on embracing unboundness and looseness as core concepts. The project incorporates printed film photos and offers users the freedom to interact with the images by utilizing them in various ways. The project includes a collection of  double-sided image cards and A3 poster, packaged within a protective glassine packet. The design and art direction aimed to capture the essence of Ryan Moyiis’ photography. The visual elements are carefully crafted to reflect this spirit, allowing the images to breathe and evoke a sense of freedom and fluidity. The design choices emphasize open compositions, organic layouts, and minimal constraints, ensuring that the imagery takes center stage and allows viewers to interpret and engage with the photographs in their own unique ways.

Editorial Team

Alex Gabe Williams
Ryan Moyii

Interplay of the Physical
Stone: An Ecology of the Inhuman
Nest: Collective Issue
Memory in Perpetuity
Prana Identity
Tredecim XIII
DOA Website